Surveys & Studies

In addition to new building design, our firm provides services for existing structures as well. As the structural engineer we are able to assess needs and deficiencies of a structural system, as well as recommend solutions to existing problems. Our survey and study work includes but is not limited to the following tasks:

Condition Assessments

In our opinion, the most important part of this type of work is to send an engineer to the site that has the experience to be able to survey the structure, determine any required destructive or non-destructive testing or investigation techniques, and consider various design or repair alternatives. This is not the type of work that can be managed by an experienced engineer from a desk.

Feasibility Studies

As a structural engineering firm that works on a wide variety of project types, we maintain up-to-date knowledge of a wide variety of structural construction methods and materials. We bring this knowledge to the table when evaluating various design and/or repair alternatives, and then prepare documents that are concise and specific to the requirements of the project.

Alterations and Renovations

Knowledge of the existing structure is the most important aspect of a successful renovation project. Throughout our experience, we have encountered and developed solutions for most of the construction materials used on buildings in the last 40 years. With every new project comes new problems to solve and we use these opportunities to innovate and think creatively to develop cost effective solutions.

Reports, Preliminary Documents, Specifications

The design phase is where most of our time is spent and where much of our experience lies. We have effective quality control systems in place, which allow each project to be performed in a timely and systematic manner while maintaining a high level of quality.

Certification of Seismic Compliance

Complementing our extensive experienced designing Federal buildings in high seismic areas is our ability to perform Certifications of Seismic Compliance as required for GSA lease procurements. This includes evaluating the building against the benchmark requirements in FEMA-310 and ASCE/SEI 31, as well as performing a Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 Evaluation to determine whether we can certify that the building conforms to the standard or needs to be seismically upgraded to meet the standard.

Specialty Service Leadership

Wayne C. Bryan, PE

Jason B. Sparrow, SE, PE