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A Tradition of Excellence
For over thirty years, Ehlert Bryan has been providing consulting structural engineering services to a wide variety of clients...
Innovative Problem Solving
Ehlert Bryan brings new ideas, creative solutions, and new processes to our projects, adding value to the client...
Above all, Ehlert Bryan is a service firm that happens to do engineering. Providing excellent service to the client is our number one goal...
Diverse in Design, Markets, and Location
At Ehlert Bryan, stuctural engineering is what we do. We work in a diverse range of markets and...
  • 04.01.2019.Ehlert Bryan's Director of Repair and Renovation, Rod Seyidoglu, PE, SE, was recently published in the Baltimore/Washington Chapter of the International Concrete Repair Institute's quarterly newsletter. The article, focusing on the repair and maintenance of retaining walls, explains how ....
  • 01.02.2019.EB moved to Tysons! Our new address is 8609 Westwood Center Dr., Suite 800....
  • 11.05.2018.Ehlert Bryan established a new Repair and Renovations group specializing in structural repairs, waterproofing, and....
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