Building Information Modeling

We are excited to currently be completing many of our projects using Autodesk’s Revit software for building information modeling. Our BIM program is led by multi-discipline experience, refined modeling skills, and Revit expert certifications.

By utilizing BIM technology, our project teams are better able to identify conflicts earlier in the design process without costly requests for information (RFIs) and delays in construction. Additionally BIM and Revit assist in integration and collaboration between team members creating a path that leads to a quality design and cost effective project.

BIM and Revit can help to make your next project go smoother and be more successful by:

• Improving coordination between all design members.
• Identifying conflicts earlier in the design process.
• Integrating with current structural analysis programs.
• Helping in the communication between consultants.

Specialty Service Leadership

Thomas A. Bouffard, PE