Repair & Renovation

Our Firm’s Repair and Renovation Department specializes in investigation, evaluation and repair of existing structures. With a dedicated and experienced engineering staff, we can rapidly respond to our clients’ needs with existing structures throughout the U.S. Combining decades of structural design experience with repair expertise, we can find pragmatic solutions to complex structural issues. From investigation to construction quality control, our specialist engineers assist our clients during all stages of construction. Our experience from working throughout the U.S. allows us to be able to provide solutions to a broad range of materials and construction types.

Structural Repairs

With our expertise in reinforced concrete, steel, masonry and wood construction, we can diagnose and determine the most effective solutions to any type of structural problem. By utilizing the state of the art destructive and non-destructive testing technology, we can properly identify the causes of structural issues and provide accurate solutions. Whether it is a building, bridge, parking garage, warehouse, stadium, retaining structure or any other type of structure, we can diagnose and provide long lasting solutions. We appreciate the challenges that are associated with occupied structures and work with our clients to tailor solutions to minimize the impact to the occupants and operations.

Facade Repairs

We successfully diagnosed and specified repairs for numerous re-cladding, window and door replacement along with facade rehabilitation projects throughout the U.S. Our staff employs the latest available technology and computational methods to perform field investigations, analysis and design. From historic masonry facades to complex curtainwall systems for high rises, we can assist with any type of facade related issue.

Structural Strengthening

Over our long history, we have utilized many different approaches to strengthen existing structures for vertical additions, upgrades, repositioning projects, occupancy changes and other projects requiring structural strengthening. Combining our strong analytical capabilities with outside the box thinking, we are able to provide solutions to the most challenging problems. We have effectively used common structural materials as well as carbon fibers for strengthening gravity and lateral systems of existing structures.


Waterproofing is an essential part of repair and renovation projects as it is an important measure to avoid deterioration of exposed structural members. Our staff has extensive experience in diagnosing leaks and specifying waterproofing systems for roofs, garages, plazas, balconies, pools, retaining structures, below grade walls, foundations, and storage tanks. We have worked with numerous systems and manufacturers to provide durable systems which have passed the test of time.

Specialty Service Leadership

William R. McLain, PE

Murat "Rod" Seyidoglu, PE, SE
Director of Repair and Renovation